A new pufferfish species

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    1 Abril 2014
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    It strikes us that such a conspicuous, large (20 inch/50cm) fish with such a wide-ranging distribution in relatively shallow (SCUBA-depth) tropical waters is only now formally described.* It goes to show how much of the ocean we've yet to discover.
    The diagnosis for the formal description is based on physiological descriptions of the collected specimens.* Genetic analysis has not been (yet) performed, so there's a chance that we are actually looking at a hybrid or perhaps* more than one new, closely-related species.
    Underwater photographs of Arothron multilineatus s. nov. a Ryukyu Islands, Amami-oshima Island, 40*cm TL, photograph by Kimiaki Ito; b Red Sea, size not recorded, photograph by Richard Field

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