Abusing the name of named corals

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    Not much really annoys me in this hobby (ok, that’s a lie…), but what really gets me is the number of vendors and individuals that try sell a coral based on an infamous or famous named coral of the same description.
    So many times a certain acropora frag has gone up for sale and it gets labelled “Coral B” – I think , that’s cool, someone has imported “Coral B” in from the US. But isn’t the export of corals across borders illegal (not impossible with stony corals, but a very costly once CITIES permits etc are factored in)? So I ask the seller what the lineage of “Coral B” is – oh, it’s just named that because it looks like “Coral B” from the US…
    25. ORA Red Planet Acropora? or is it just a similar morph of the same coral?

    So, for all you frag buying junkies out there, be a little more wary the next time you see ‘Red Planet’ acropora frags on sale – if they’re not from ORA, then they really can’t be the true Red Planet acro – same goes for those wonderfully named Chalice corals… for example, if they’re calling it the*SCs’ La Bamba and it’s not coming from Sexy Corals themselves… well it’s not the original*SC La Bamba.
    26. SC La Bamba copycat or the real deal? At $700 per eye for the official coral, you’d want to be 120% sure.

    As for zoanthids… well, that’s a whole other story, the shear number of ‘rare’ polyps on offer on ebay brings a tear to my eye, a tear of laughter… buyer beware, be very aware.
    27. Rare zoanthids indeed. So rare they’re downright common.

    If you’re going to create your own line of named corals, come up with a proper common name, and ensure the lineage is tracked and preserved.
    What do you think? Do you think people are abusing the names of named corals?
    Abusing the name of named corals originally appeared on NanoReefBlog on May 28, 2013.
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      thanks for the information, take into account this type of advertising as one falls into scams.

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