AquaMaxx launches NemoLight LED lights

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    AquaMaxx provided Advanced Aquarist with the following literature:
    [HR][/HR][h=2]AquaMaxx releases new NemoLight LED strip light fixtures![/h][h=3]Great spectrum, great output, great controllability at a very attractive price![/h]*
    After many months of testing and fine-tuning. AquaMaxx has finally released their first line of LED lighting fixtures.
    The AquaMaxx NemoLight is an affordable line of LED strip light fixtures that gives you more.

    • More Power – With up to 50% higher output compared to other LED strip lights in its price range.

    • More Spectrum – With 6 different colors of LED diodes – 2 blue spectrums, 2 white spectrums, green & red

    • More Features – With a simple onboard controller that allows you to program sunset/sunrise, moonlight, intensity changes on a 24-hour lighting cycle.

    • More Attractive – With an ½” ultra-slim aluminum unibody, the NemoLight looks sleek and gorgeous.

    With reef hobbyists in mind, the NemoLight LED fixtures provide better spectrums and better intensities for your corals. Rather than using too many white-colored LED’s to artificially make the fixture look bright, the NemoLight fixtures use higher ratios of blue LED diodes to deliver the right spectrums and intensities for your corals. The wider spectrum and extra power make the NemoLights excellent choices for low-to-medium light reef aquariums.
    The Nemolights are also great for saltwater fish-only aquariums and even freshwater aquariums!
    There are 4 sizes of NemoLights available:

    • 8” Nano, 18W (MSRP $89.99) – Available in freshwater and marine versions. The freshwater version is great for smaller planted aquariums and refugiums. The marine version is great for nano reef aquariums or small fish-only aquariums.

    • 24”-36”, 36W ($139.99), 36”-48”, 54W ($169.99), 48”-55”, 72W ($209.99) – These are great for fish-only aquariums and low-to-medium light reef aquariums. Using two fixtures will allow you to keep most medium light corals and even some high-light corals in most common-sized aquariums.

    All fixtures include onboard controllers that allow users to adjust the intensities of the two channels (white and blue). To keep prices affordable, the fixtures do not have built-in clocks. However, AquaMaxx NemoLights do have 24-hour timers that allow you to program a 24-hour light cycle (sunset/sunrise/moonlight). Not only do the controllers allow you to adjust the duration of each photoperiod, they also allow you to adjust the intensities during each period.
    Being just ½” thick and featuring an aluminum unibody construction also makes the NemoLight one of the best-looking LED Strip fixtures available. An adjustable bracket comes standard with the fixtures. It elevates the fixture for proper coverage and color-blending. An optional hanging kit is also available.
    AquaMaxx wanted to create a line of LED fixtures that is affordable yet offers the key features that reef hobbyists would want. By including all the features described above at a price point that most hobbyists can afford, AquaMaxx hopes that hobbyists will be as excited as they are when they put these lights over their aquariums.
    AquaMaxx products are distributed by Marine Depot Wholesale. If you are a store, a service professional or an online retailer and would like to carry AquaMaxx products, please email or call 714-456-9979.
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