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    This weekend saw the launch of*, a new online reef community, headed up by renowned UK coral reef aquarist, Simon Garratt. You might know Simon’s experimental*intertidal reef-flat biotope system he ran along with numerous articles you’ve seen penned by him or his great talks he gives on the subject of coral reefs.
    The key message behind this new site is rather simple -*Progression through collaboration – and is very proud of it’s ‘The Open Door Sharing Policy’. This is something fully embraces. It is refreshing to see this stance as numerous other online communities have taken against the sharing of information that involves linking out to other websites. While all sites under the Anthiasnetwork have always freely shared information, there are certain sites that have even gone as far as banning yours truly along with removing all links & references to
    Here’s a little more about Simons new site:
    “ has one simple goal. And that is to open the doors that commonly separate and segregate many of the different but equally valuable branches of the coral reef community, by throwing out the rulebook and starting again.* By accepting that time is no longer on our side as far as the worlds coral reefs are concerned, and by recognising that the only real way to drive our knowledge and understanding forward to the point where we can make a true difference to the long-term welfare of this environment we all have so much passion for, is by accepting that all branches of our community have equal responsibility and can equally contribute to solving the issues by pooling our global resources of knowledge and cumulative experience. Heaven forbid, even if we cannot save the reefs long term for various reasons, it becomes even more important that we master the art of maintaining and preserving as much of that incredible diversity as we can, and the ‘ONLY’ we can do this, is by sharing our knowledge and experiences. Be they successful or not, both can have equal value.” is proud to be associated with and look forward to collobarating more in the future. has launched originally appeared on NanoReefBlog on February 2, 2014.
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