Curvball to speak at Reading’s Maidenhead Aquatics Open Weekend 2013 (18 – 19 May)

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    Since it’s success last year, the Reading MaidenHead Aquatics store will be hosting yet another Open Weekend event, which celebrates the 5th year of the store being open, this upcoming weekend (18 – 19 May 2013).
    I will at the event on Saturday and will be presenting “Nano Reef Aquariums: Seeing the bigger picture”. I will be discussing the role that nano reef aquariums play within the marine aquarium hobby from simple inexpensive systems all the way through to high-end species specific aquariums. Nano reef aquariums maybe small, but the possibilities are endless as I’m sure you will agree.
    I will be around to chat about nanoreefs in general and will possibly be setting up a nano system too for the event.
    All the exact details are not yet confirmed, but stay tuned via facebook and twitter for more updates/details as they become available.
    The Maidenhead official event announcement:
    “Following the huge success of last year’s open weekend, Maidenhead Aquatics @ Reading are doing it all again and this year is to celebrate the store’s 5th anniversary!
    The event is being held over Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May, where there will be talks and presentations from a number of the top names in the industry. The line-up so far will include:
    Saturday 18th May

    • Hydor
    • Seneye
    • JBL
    • Guest speaker (TBC)
    Sunday 19th May

    • Seneye
    • Deltec
    • JBL
    • Velda
    • Aquadistri
    Also in attendance will be representatives from the local ‘Bracknell Fish Club’ and Red Sea.
    We are proud to announce that this event will also be in support of Dingley Family & Specialists Early Years Centres ( and events include:

    • Raffle
    • Bouncy Castle
    • Face Painting
    • Balloon release
    • (Please note that charges will apply and all events are subject to availability)
    There will also be a ‘free goodie bag’ with any purchases over £2 but these will be limited in availability, so don’t leave it too late and run the risk of missing out! Additionally, there will be an in store Facebook ‘check in’ competition, plus many special offers across the store including 15% off all JBL products and discounts on livestock!
    For further information please visit Reading’s Facebook page or call the store directly on 0118 976 2300
    We look forward to seeing you there!”
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
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