Fistafiltrations ‘Nano Drop’ reef tank makes an appearance

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    An image of the new ‘Nano drop’ acrylic tank has been doing the rounds. An interesting concept and while this has worked for some hobbyists such as Philippe Grosjean*and his 175g (660litre) drop off reef and this new acrylic nano creation from will surely give us all new aquascaping ideas and challenges.
    “2ft long, 18″ wide, 18″ at the deep end, it is made from acrylic, there are 2 pieces of tube which act as a stand for the tank and also will hide the plumbing so that it can be sumped (tube will be coloured), the tank holds aprox 70ltrs + sump.”
    Pricing starts at £249.99. For further information, please contact David over at
    Fistafiltrations ‘Nano Drop’ reef tank makes an appearance originally appeared on NanoReefBlog on February 3, 2014.
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