Five new pygmy sweepers

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    The paper, Preliminary review of the pempherid fish genus* Parapriacanthus of the* western Indian Ocean, with descriptions of five new species, is open access so we encourage you to read the paper to get better acquainted with pygmy sweepers.* If you're like us, you may wonder why our hobby doesn't see more tiny schooling fish like this.* Marine aquarists are seriously lacking in good schooling fish options.
    Without further ado, here are the five newly described species:

    [h=3]Parapriacanthus darros (Seychelles, Africa)[/h][​IMG]
    Photo by J.E. Randall​
    [h=3]Parapriacanthus kwazulu (KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa)[/h][​IMG]
    Photo by A.D. Connell ​
    [h=3]Parapriacanthus punctulatus (Mozambique, Africa)[/h][​IMG]
    Photo by A. Diringer​
    [h=3]Parapriacanthus rahah (Oman)[/h][​IMG]
    Photo by J.E. Randall​
    [h=3]Parapriacanthus sharm (Red Sea)[/h][​IMG]
    Photo by S.V. Bogorodsk​

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