Giesemann introduces Sunshift, pre-configured profiles & a support forum

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    Long considered the must have lighting unit to hang over your glass box of reef fish and corals, Giesemann kind of faded into the background when the LED revolution smothered our hobby. In hindsight, the German based aquarium lighting company simply retreated into R&D mode to fine tune and refine their offerings, and on debut of their LED systems, the Teszla and Futura models, it was clear that Giesemann is still the juggernaut it has always been in this hobby.
    The LED revolution has shifted from new to common place, Giesemann continue to push forward and have recently announced some new functionality for their LED units namely ‘Sunshift’ and pre-configured profiles.
    [h=3]New ‘Sunshift’ feature For Futura / Futura-S platform[/h]Unlike most luminair or multi module LED arrays which work on a parallel programming platform, meaning that all lamps within an array are usually tied to the same or single profile for lighting phases, the Futura has always had the capacity to run separate profiles for each board within the array, allowing the user to simulate differing conditions or ‘zones’ within the same physical volume of water. A system which can be especially useful for aquarists keeping species which require vastly differing light scenarios. Giesemann have now added to this flexibility by developing a brand new programing feature that allows additional flexibility, whereby the user can copy profiles directly to each board within the array, but with an adjustable time-lag on a per-board, or even per-channel basis. Thereby allowing the user to replicate a highly accurate sunlight transition across the aquarium during the daytime phase. This also allows the aquarist to expose corals to a higher intensity than normal in order to induce better colouration whilst at the same time limiting the effects of extended over exposure or forcefully induced photo-inhibition by having a ‘non’ fixed light source.
    [​IMG]Rendition of master board 1 / 5 channel profile for Futura.

    [​IMG]Rendition of channel curves with ‘SUNSHIFT” across 6 board / 30 channel profile on Futura with a 30 min lag.

    Since the launch of the Teszla/TeszlaXT and Futura ranges, Giesemann have always been a strong advocate of the loss-free opticless 120deg output method to gain better output without sacrificing even distribution, and to deliver a more natural light field, a feature many companies are now starting to emulate. Tied with the wide-angle output as standard, this feature now ensures a smooth transition across the aquarium from a visual perspective, whilst also benefiting corals by adding additional intensity into normally shaded regions as that intensity and varying light path moves from one point to the next without excessively over exposing the corals upper surfaces for extended periods. A feature which may prove invaluable to those keeping typically shallow water coral species who wish to replicate more natural lighting scenarios.
    [h=3]Pre-configured profiles[/h]For existing and new Giesemann LED users, there will be a range of pre-designed profiles available for direct download from the Giesemann website and associated customer support sites. These will be configured for both the Futura and Teszla/Teszla-XT Bluetooth interfaces and will be available for both Saltwater and Freshwater platforms.
    Profiles will include:
    1. A standard default profile for new aquarium installations.
    2. An acclimatisation profile for those switching to Giesemann LED from other lighting sources.
    3. A range of spectral simulation profiles which are tuned to replicate differing environments such as Shallow reef-flat or lagoon / Upper reef slope-5-10m / lower reef slope-10-20m / and deep shelf 20-30m
    These, along with several freshwater profiles (for use with the Freshwater variant of the Futura and Teszla which uses a different LED configuration) will be available for download between February-March 2014.
    [h=3]Technical Support Forum[/h]In collaboration with, Giesemann now have a new customer support forum where both trade and retail customers can get direct answers to technical questions on the entire range of Giesemann products, including all of the Aquarium/T5/HQI and LED ranges. Additional features will be the ability for users of the Bluetooth LED ranges to share and talk about the various profiles they are using so that they may assist each other as a community of users to get the best results. The support forum and discussion area can be found here:
    Giesemann introduces Sunshift, pre-configured profiles & a support forum originally appeared on NanoReefBlog on February 5, 2014.
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