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    The soothing pitter-patter of raindrops.* The dramatic effects of lightning and thunder.* A few adventurous aquarists have been able to successfully recreate storm effects (including simulated raindrops) over their aquariums, both freshwater planted and saltwater reef.
    [h=2]A Rain Forest Comes Alive [HR][/HR][/h]This is Angelo Garcia's lush 55 gallon planted tank.* His tank is gorgeous by itself, but adding simulated rain and lightning really puts this aquarium in a league of its own.* At the time of the video (September 2014), Angelo was using a gravity system to produce the rain effect, with plans to switch a more practical pump-based system.
    Angelo disclosed there's a touch of special effects in this video; the thunder sound was added in post process.

    For further inspiration, we share this remarkable tropical thunderstorm reef we first published back in 2011.
    [h=2]A n*** I n d o o r*** T r o p i c a l* * T h u n d e r s t o r m* [HR][/HR][/h]
    • Aquarium: 120" x 80" x 24" (950 gallons) | 200 x 300 x 60 cm (3600 liters)
    • Lighting: 12 x 100 watt LED
    This is likely one of the most elaborate LFS tank you will ever see.* The folks at HPAquaristik (Germany) uploaded a series of short videos of their new main reef display.* Suffice it to say, we are in awe of the incredible storm-simulation system for their massive system.

    We're not just talking about random cloud cover simulation using LED lighting (ho-hum nowadays).* We're talking about a full blown storm simulation system with beautifully simulated ambient lights and "lightning strikes"... plus real rainfall!* Freshwater is fed into an irrigation system suspended over the tank;* Each day, a simulated thunder and rain storm showers the main display with freshwater for a couple of minutes.* This is without a doubt the fanciest evaporation top-off system we know.
    Unless you're a serious malcontent, there's no way these videos do not inspire you.* First, a walk-around video of the massive reef system:

    Simulated thunderstorm, complete with rainfall!

    Above-the-tank view of the simulation in action:

    The simulated cloud cover effect:

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