My Saturday at Reading’s Maidenhead Aquatics

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    About a week back now, I had the priveldge of being invited down to Maidenhead Aquatics in Reading for their Open Weekend. As life goes sometimes, I could only be available for the Saturday, but I did my best to make the most of my time at the shop.
    [​IMG]Maidenhead Aquatics in Reading has an impressive show tank.

    I was joined by John from Seneye, Paul from Hydor and Cyril from JBL – all three of these guys representing their companies over the weekend. Seneye were armed with a few demonstration controllers, a big screen showing off their software and of course a laptop giving John online access to show the true power of the Seneye system (stay tuned for a post specifically about my experience with Seneye’s reef monitor). Hydor showcased a large variety of their products in the main glass cabinet at the checkout area – it was all their, the pumps, skimmers and even their brand new Hydor auto top off system. JBL were not as visible (still more visible than nanoreefblog…) but with Cyril’s constant interaction with customers, the JBL product name was not easily forgotten.
    [​IMG]John Wright from Seneye.

    [​IMG]Hydor’s product range.

    [​IMG]JBL’s Clynol and SymecMicro make an appearance.

    Depending on how busy things got, I was to deliver a little talk about nanoreef’s – the same presentation I delivered at Aquatics Live last year. Sadly I didn’t end up doing the presentation – I did however get to chat to a lot of very interesting people, both nanoreefers and non-nanoreefers.
    [​IMG]TMC 15. Before.

    [​IMG]TMC 15. After.

    In between chatting to various people, I gave the sad looking TMC 15 reef a little refresh along with aquascaping the 94litre Kent Marine tank. When I set about redoing the 94litre system, I made a slight mistake with the live sand and well, it was cloudy city til the next day, Normally a tank can take a few days to clear completely but thanks to Cyril, and two JBL products, Clynol and Symec micro, the tank was crystal clear within 12 hours. The Clynol is a type flouculant that reminds me of KZ’s Coral Snow while SymecMicro is an extremely finely meshed ‘filter floss’ material. Using the combination of these JBL products, the 94litre system looked polished the next day.
    [​IMG]A blank canvas.

    [​IMG]the 94litre layout plan.

    [​IMG]Live rock selected and in position.

    [​IMG]Filling ‘er up.

    [​IMG]Roughly an hour after the addition of JBL’s Clynol and Symec micro.

    [​IMG]The 94litre reef ready for corals.

    All in all it was a great day and Matt and his team at Reading Aquatics really made me feel welcome, and I’m sure I’ll be down there again.
    All photos by the author, final photo of the 94litre nano courtesy of Cyril from JBL.

    My Saturday at Reading’s Maidenhead Aquatics originally appeared on NanoReefBlog on May 29, 2013.
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