New ways to light up for your nano reef

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    12 Junio 2012
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    As the LED market continues to move forward, us nano reefkeepers always have new toys to play with. This post aims to give you a brief round up of new lighting type products suitable for our nano reefs and our reef aquariums in general.
    [h=2]Coral Box m1 Aquarium Light[/h][​IMG]
    The Coral Box M1, which resembles to very popular Maxspect R420r*comes in various sizing starting at 300mm (12″). With the claim of being the world’s thinnest LED unit at a mere 4.7cm in height, this unit packs in some serious diode power. Here are some specifications:

    • 4 Channel Programmable with Dimming Control. Can adjust 4 channel from 0 to 99 on the intnsity level
    • Time Controller : Can adjustable nine time in 24 hours, and system will auto dimming to default brightness at the time you set in advance. which simulates lunar lighting, and creates morning, moon, evening and night lighting state
    • Remote Control Include which easy to set the lighting
    • LCD Display Build in one in LED lighhting
    • Cree XP White / Royal Blue / Red / Green with Violent and Moonlight LED Chips
    • One of the world’s thinnest LED Lighting
    • Lens Kits for 80 Degree Angle, cover more range with Color
    • 14000K Color Balance
    • Japan Floating Magnet Bearing Fan, noiseless! Super Silent!
    Pricing starts at $280 and is available from
    [h=2]MarineReefLED Coral Torch[/h][​IMG]

    From the same people who brought us the extremely useful Critter Torch, MarineReefLED have now made the Coral Torch available. Along the same lines as the*

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