The great USA aquarium company merger

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    A few weeks back, EcoTechMarine announced their merger with AquaIllumination (AI) (read the official release here*from EcoTechMarine and here from AI). I got to thinking what this merger means for us, the end consumers and what the merger will mean for the reefkeeping/aquarium industry.
    By removing the competitive element between these two companies and allowing their development teams to work together, it means that we can (should?) expect some serious innovation from upcoming product releases. Possibly the biggest reward will come in the form of some unique hybridised LED fixture combining all the best of their flagship lighting systems. With both companies pushing their ‘smart tech’ – wireless controllers etc, I think the very first thing that will happen is that AI products will be able to cross link with the likes of EcoTechMarines MP water pump products in the same way that they work with the Radion lighting fixtures. Who knows, what do you think we will see coming off the EcoTechMarine/AI production lines?
    In the official announcement, it is said the brands will continue as two separate entities, but the question here is for how long? I would bet that over the next few years we will see Aqua Illuminations dissolve and we will only be left with EcoTechMarine, but I could be wrong. The reasoning behind this is rather simple, EcoTechMarine offer more clout with their overall product range and they continue to bring game changing products onto the market.

    The great USA aquarium company merger originally appeared on NanoReefBlog on March 10, 2014.
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